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Musical Instrument Sale & Repair

If you want to buy a new musical instrument, Maestro Music is the only place to go. We offer an incredible variety of musical instruments, including string, woodwind, and brass instruments and accessories. When it comes to music, no one can approach our level of knowledge and service. With our musical instrument sale, we know you'll be able to find the perfect instrument for your talents.

Aside from our fine selection of musical merchandise, we’re proud to run a full-service musical instrument repair center. Our master craftsmen perform superior instrument repair. Our expertise is guaranteed to satisfy and delight the most discerning professional musician. From minor repairs and adjustments to complete instrument restoration and modifications, our music instrument store offers a rare degree of excellence.

When we are jamming out too hard, our instruments can take a turn for the worse. Guitar strings break, drum sets get damaged, and even flutes and saxophones need to be returned. There is no need to spend more money on a costly new instrument when this happens. Bring your instrument to us, and we can perform the necessary repairs to get your device back in working order. Trumpet, flute, cello, guitar repair -- no matter the damage, you can rely on our expertise to fix any musical problem you require.

You can find excellent instrument sale and repair by visiting us at Maestro Music in Fort Lee, NJ.

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